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A Cat?

You might be wondering about the cat pictured and listed in the "Meet Us" section and just below, right? Odd maybe?

 The story is quite simple. About 11 years ago (in 2010, before Onome and I met), during a trip to a humane society in Maryland, I encountered a tiny little kitten. Just out of a moment of admiration for such a cute, cuddly, fuzzy, little ball of fur, I asked if I could hold the little guy for a few minutes. And, of course, my wish was granted.

I will never forget that moment because he was staring straight at me with those irresistible eyes and look of, you know, “come here, you’re mine” that cats have. And to be fair, the look worked, as he is now a part of the Picasso Skin family. Yep, I gave in. The rest is history, except for one thing: his name.


It turns out the humane society had officially given my adorable new friend the name “Picasso.” No one knew the impact he would have on so many peoples’ lives and no one knew what, or even if he had a name prior to his brief stay at that particular facility. My son, Onome and I all adore Picasso to this day. Somehow, however, his name has morphed into “Pac-Man” and or “Bud-Bud,” but, whatever, he responds to them all, so it works. His name works well with so many combinations of words and his life has had such a huge impact on us.  After tossing names around for some time we both decided to go with "Picasso's Skin," but, eventually stuck with just Picasso Skin. It's an honor and phonetically pleasing to us, and we are happy to share our brand with you.


That’s it. It’s as simple as that and we love what we do.


We Are Picasso Skin   








                                                                                Maryland, USA